Foggy morning. Spring explosion. May 2013

California. Inverness and Kehoe Beach. May 2013.

The Denver Sectional Aeronautical Chart circa 2005ish. One of Glen Harcourt’s old maps given to me when he was updating to new ones. It’s been hanging on the wall in my office(s) ever since…

Flying around this area in N9298X were some of the most incredible times of my life. I’m forever thankful for all of those experiences. Especially when Glen was in Yoda-mode (which was often) and would look at me and say ‘Jonathan, its your plane’. He was literally teaching me on the fly, giving me assistance only if I began to make mistakes. That dude certainly pushed my boundaries on a regular basis… ;)     

One of two antique pocket watches my father has from each of his grandfathers. Oddly enough, they are both made by Elgin. This one was built sometime in 1906.

Such amazingly detailed engraving around the works of this little device. Very impressive craftsmanship indeed.

Jonathan Rummel

It won’t take much to get me in the running for the big prize. So, if you like my work, spread the love. Thanks.

Recently acquired antique tools from my paternal grandfather who passed away when I was young. I just learned that he was employed by a private engineering firm where he worked on (amongst other things) the RMS Queen Mary. Later in his career, he was a government contractor working on the Manhattan Project. He also built the house that my Dad grew up in. They say he had an eye for detail, a strong understanding of all things structural and mechanical, a creative mind and was a talented draftsman.

I suppose I’m somewhat predisposed to my line of work. My other grandfather was a master machinist and metallurgist. I often wonder if/how two men I knew only as a child could have passed some of this knowledge onto me…

{Exhibit A} 3” inside and outside calipers by the L.S. Starrett Company. Athol, Mass. USA. Approx. 60-70yrs old.

{Exhibit B} Model 3516 ‘Tru-Point’ Pencil Lead Pointer by Keuffel and Esser Company. Morristown, New Jersey. Circa 1960.

It always amazes me how sometimes the simplest improvements can have such an enormous impact on how something functions.

My 1992 Eames 14” twelve-ply birch snare (with even older Pearl hardware) received a long overdue tune up today which eliminated an annoying ringing overtone it’s had for many years.

The bottom hoop had become warped from over-tightening, which was apparently the source of the overtone.

I went with beefier cast hoops (as opposed to the original pressed steel hoops), new heads and snare.

The difference was immediately noticeable. Even a non-drummer would appreciate the sound quality. The action, feel and responsiveness were greatly improved and there is zero ringing overtone. Hallelujah!

Beyond the drum, this post is more so a statement on overall life improvement and recognizing milestones. I was recently bestowed my first digital camera from a kind professional photog friend. Having grown up the son of a pro, I have always been savvy with a camera. But, until my birthday in January, I had been shooting 35mm film. I can’t even begin to explain how this camera is changing my life… It’s doing everything I imagined it would. Its literally resetting my focus on how I view the world, my work, the built environment, people in my life, etc… I look forward to sharing images from my experience.

Use the force. Forge the future.

Dr Dog - Turning The Century

Dr. Dog- Turning the Century (2012)

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